On 02.02.2011 19:39, Ludovic Péron wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> The federal Office of Culure provides subvention for photography 
> projects : 
> (http://www.bak.admin.ch/themen/kulturfoerderung/01103/index.html?lang=fr 
> you can read this page in german and italian). We can provide a record 
> until March 20. I think that it can be a great opportunity to work 
> with federal office. it is also a way, for us, to speak about 
> freecontents.
> About Swiss culture and photographs, I see two main areas of work:
> * release of existing content: archives of old newspapers, archives of 
> old Swiss companies, etc. ;
> * creation of new content about the Swiss Inventory of Cultural 
> Property of National significance, ISOS sites, etc.
> Are people interested in this project?
> Do you have any suggestions?
> Ludovic

I fully support this idea and mainly the project of creating content for 
the Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National significance.
I'm extremely bad in taking pictures, but I can help in the preparation 
of the project, as well as in the follow-up and the tracking during 
execution of it.


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