On 03.02.2011 19:41, Beda Gygli wrote:
> Hi All
> I think it's a good Idea to insert better Pictures into Wikipedia. But I'm 
> unsure, if this is the right approach to apply for subventions. As far as I 
> understood, these are donored to culturally valuable photography itself but 
> not to photography of cultural goods.
> Maybe it's better to shift the focus a bit towards excellent pictures from 
> Swiss photographers for the usage in Wikipedia. Or to a photography contest 
> for the same purpose. Or to artistic pictures of culture ;)
> It hope, this helps.
> Beda

Dear Beda,
I think that this is only a start point to build a group interested in 
the initiative.

We can discuss and arrange the best way to do that.

I would only put the accent in one point of the initiative which is 
connected with the ISOS or other important archives.

This initiative could document, for example, important sites with a wiki 
system with a continue update and continue increasing number of photos.

In any case your comment is helpful but why you don't participate?

Any decision is not definitively taken, I think that the current state 
of the project it's only a draft. You can continue to contribute to 
setup a good final version of the project.


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