On 03.02.2011 20:13, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
> On 03.02.2011 19:41, Beda Gygli wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I think it's a good Idea to insert better Pictures into Wikipedia. But I'm 
>> unsure, if this is the right approach to apply for subventions. As far as I 
>> understood, these are donored to culturally valuable photography itself but 
>> not to photography of cultural goods.
>> Maybe it's better to shift the focus a bit towards excellent pictures from 
>> Swiss photographers for the usage in Wikipedia. Or to a photography contest 
>> for the same purpose. Or to artistic pictures of culture ;)
>> It hope, this helps.
>> Beda
> Dear Beda,
> I think that this is only a start point to build a group interested in
> the initiative.
> We can discuss and arrange the best way to do that.
> I would only put the accent in one point of the initiative which is
> connected with the ISOS or other important archives.
> This initiative could document, for example, important sites with a wiki
> system with a continue update and continue increasing number of photos.
> In any case your comment is helpful but why you don't participate?
> Any decision is not definitively taken, I think that the current state
> of the project it's only a draft. You can continue to contribute to
> setup a good final version of the project.
> Ilario
Dear Beda,
I wouldn't be able to express myself better than Ilario did... 
Particularly the request for your participation !

Actually, one idea that came to my mind reading your valuable comment 
would be to organize this operation as a contest : photographs to 
register and choose some of the goods and, at the end of the  period 
(maybe 2-3 months), the board (or a determined jury) to select they 
favorite 12-13 pictures to be granted with a prize. We could as well 
print a calendar with those pictures as memory.

What do you think about it ?

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