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> On 03.02.2011 20:13, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
>> On 03.02.2011 19:41, Beda Gygli wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> I think it's a good Idea to insert better Pictures into Wikipedia. But I'm 
>>> unsure, if this is the right approach to apply for subventions. As far as I 
>>> understood, these are donored to culturally valuable photography itself but 
>>> not to photography of cultural goods.
>>> Maybe it's better to shift the focus a bit towards excellent pictures from 
>>> Swiss photographers for the usage in Wikipedia. Or to a photography contest 
>>> for the same purpose. Or to artistic pictures of culture ;)
>>> It hope, this helps.
>>> Beda
>> Dear Beda,
>> I think that this is only a start point to build a group interested in
>> the initiative.
>> We can discuss and arrange the best way to do that.
>> I would only put the accent in one point of the initiative which is
>> connected with the ISOS or other important archives.
>> This initiative could document, for example, important sites with a wiki
>> system with a continue update and continue increasing number of photos.
>> In any case your comment is helpful but why you don't participate?
>> Any decision is not definitively taken, I think that the current state
>> of the project it's only a draft. You can continue to contribute to
>> setup a good final version of the project.
>> Ilario
> Dear Beda,
> I wouldn't be able to express myself better than Ilario did...
> Particularly the request for your participation !
> Actually, one idea that came to my mind reading your valuable comment
> would be to organize this operation as a contest : photographs to
> register and choose some of the goods and, at the end of the  period
> (maybe 2-3 months), the board (or a determined jury) to select they
> favorite 12-13 pictures to be granted with a prize. We could as well
> print a calendar with those pictures as memory.
> What do you think about it ?

the contest idea sounds really nice. is http://www.geograph.org.uk
also something which should be included in the discussion? it gains
track in other countries as well, like germany: http://geo.hlipp.de/.

btw, wolf ludwig is currently trying to organize a visit of liam
wyatt, now wikimedia foundations ambassador for glam (galleries,
libraries, archives and monuments). of course he would be keen to meet
as many wikipedians as possible, so we could try to schedule
something. probable dates include friday 18.3 until monday 21.3.

what do you think of a "wikipedians evening" or "stammtisch" in zürich
or bern that date?


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