Dear all,

I would like to add a few things to the discussion, mostly based on our current 
experiences with the launch of the TAO project website 
(, for which many requirements were the same as 
for the future Wikimedia CH website.

1) I can confirm that the cooperation with Sehsinn (Sami Kaddoura) has been 
very positive and straightforward. There are a few basic things, like the main 
structure, the multilingual functioning, and the identification of "static" vs. 
"dynamic" contents of the site that take quite some time to be sorted out at 
the beginning, before the site design can start. It may be possible to speed up 
the process if you take the TAO project website as a reference from where to 
define the requirements for the Wikimedia CH site (working with the same web 
designer would help in this case). 

2) Choice of the CMS: Compared to the TAO website, there seems to be one big 
difference concerning the requirements for the CMS - the future 
contributors of the Wikimedia CH website are already familiar with MediaWiki, 
which is not necessariliy the case for TAO, and the ease of copying content 
from an internal Wiki to the public website may be a strong argument in favor 
of MediaWiki. In case someone wants to get a feel of Wordpress, I can offer you 
an account on the TAO-Website and, depending on your availability, I could also 
provide you with some "real" tasks, which is probably the best way to get to 
know a CMS. 

3) Interactivity: One aspect I am missing on your requirements list is the 
degree of interactivity you want for your site - do you want to get feedback to 
your posts and allow for n:n communication (blog with the possibility of 
posting comments or discussion forum)? In developping the TAO website, we 
decided not to allow for interaction in a first step (but to leave the 
possibility open in the future, which would not be very costly from a 
development point of view). There are several reasons for this decision: (1) 
From our point of view, interaction about TAO activities should first and 
foremost take place on the community partners' platforms - we do not want to 
create an additional community platform; (2) Allowing for interactivity means 
more work: you need to be ready to "police" contributions in order to fight 
SPAM or disruptive behaviour, and you need to have people and time to actively 
participate in the interaction; (3) In the start version of the website, we 
have translated some of the blog posts, meaning that you would expect a 
discussion about a post to take place on several language versions in parallel 
- this does not make much sense. (4) In order to avoid some of the 
aforementioned problems, we have set up a Facebook group for the project 
(discussions are presently going on about transforming it into a Facebook page 
instead). On Facebook, several languages could coexist in one setting, and 
policing for SPAM and disruptive behavior would probably be less of an issue, 
as it does not happen on the "official" Website. On the other hand, it allows 
for an open feedback culture with n:n communication (which I think would be 
valuable); if we can get this going on Facebook, there may be no need to have 
any interactivity on the project Website itself. 

4) On the content side, I would also expect a description of concrete 
possibilities for participation in the association's activities. It might be 
helpful to show the visitors in which areas the various working groups need a 
hand and which  are the additional competencies required.

Beat Estermann

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Dear all,

today I approach you in my position as CIO of Wikimedia CH. In the past
we had several discussions about a relaunch of the current website.

We have asked for input on content / features as well as ideas for a
"swiss design":

The list of features more or less is equal with that what the webteam
has came up with in 2008 and that has been implemented in the current
website. On the other hand we all agree that the current website needs a
graphical relaunch - at the moment it doesn't have any graphical concept
and neither Wikimedia CH in general has.

Ludovic and I have collected proposals for the relaunch. After a
analysis of what we have received I have compiled a list and ask you for

As announced by our president, the website topic will be on the agenda
at the General Assembly on April 30th

Thanks for your attention and input,


after having done an analyses of the quotations

On 25.02.2011 11:52, charles andres wrote:
> /I forward you this e-mail without the attachment, it seems that antivirus 
> filtering block it. charles/
> Hi guys,
> I am sharing with you the attached documents that Ludo has submitted to
> the Board following his initiative on a new website.
> Please note the site hosting is a standard option for each of the offers,
> so this would be discussed later on. There is also an opportunity to
> implement the payment gateway about which we previously.
> Manuel, your input would be particularly interesting concerning these
> different aspects.
> Regards,
> Mourad
> PS: individual offer can be send directly by mail just ask, to ludo or I.
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