I agree with the argument that this is a communications project. This confirms 
what I have already said in my answer:
* from a technical point of view the website is okay as is
* the corporate design as an issue that needs to be adressed first

You add the point that in addition to the design also some communication 
features need to be implemented that we don't have yet. Unfortunately all the 
"Site web" article says is exactly that. It's not defined what it means. See 
Beats question in that regard.

Your statement also confirms that most offers we received do not cover what we 
need. Except two quotations they only cover programming. No development of a 
corporate design, no concept phase to develop any communication features before 
we start implementing.

The last part - implementation and hosting - is still an IT project anyhow. 
This part is as important as the concept and design. Therefore I expect you to 
both integrate the press and the IT / web team in this project. I assume that's 
part of the agenda item "web site" at the GA. It is a good idea btw. to 
integrate the members in this process as they are one of the stakeholder groups 
why we do this whole process.

Another thing I'd like to mention: the board once dismissed Wordpress in favour 
of MediaWiki as the members MediaWiki as a seperate platform has not been used. 
Now you say we need a communication tool (without specifying that). Well, the 
current MediaWiki is the most open solution to that. Everyone can register at 
the wiki/website right now and participate, and this does happen at the moment. 
It won't be possible if we move to another platform. Another point: the 
platform doesn't make the content. Mediawiki is easy to update, if updates 
don't happen because nobody cares about the website then any website / 
communication / redesign project won't help anything. So I still see a lack of 
clarity on the real issues, while I still agree with the good intentions and 
the design issues. That's why you have my full support to make this a real 

Manuel Schneider

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I agree 100% to Ilario analyse,
We are talking about a communication tools.
It will be also used to approach new sponsors, in the perspective of being 
less dependent of the fundraising, and for that we need this tools.


2011/3/12 Ilario Valdelli <valde...@gmail.com>

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On 12.03.2011 15:53, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:

> Hi,


> it seems that people are motivated by improving our Web site and also

> maybe more. See last email from Manuel.


> I have tried in the past hour to understand better what wanted to be

> improved? Why? in which way? by who? etc.


> I didn't really find answers to my questions, so I simply write them all

> here:

> * What is the scope: create visual guidelines, improve the Web site

> engine, improve the web site content (I ask because this page

> http://www.wikimedia.ch/Website_2011 speaks a lot about the visual

> guidelines and not really about the Web site)?

> * Who are the sponsors and the project leader(s)?

> * What is the timeline and the decision process?

> * What is exactly wrong with our current Web site (did not find something) ?

> * What are the business requirements (I have only find

> http://www.wikimedia.ch/Site_web#Goal but this is too fuzzy and I guess

> for this reason I feel our current solution is already matching them)?


> Having an answer to these questions is mandatory to have a chance to

> work on a successful IT project.


> Thank you for your help.


> Emmanuel


It's not an official answer, it's not a definitive answer, it's my answer.

In my opinion the idea to improve the communication of Wikimedia CH (and

we are considering the one-way communication, for example what we do,

what are our projects) it's not an IT project, it's a project connected

with the communication.

I could say, for example, that it's more connected with press speakers

than with IT responsibles. The current web sites are good for

wikimedians or wikipedians but it's frequent the question received from

new members: "I am new member but I have not understood what you do and

how I could help you"!!!

This project would not implement web applications, would not change the

current web sites but it would create a new website to communicate our

mission and our projects to the external world.

We don't need to improve visual guidelines, we don't need to improve the

web site engine, but we need to communicate our mission in the *simplest


The aim of the project is the "communication" and it's not the

Information technology.

The board has received some proposals from web agencies and have

selected the best proposal following some parameters (interest to the

project, professionalism, capacity to understand our ideas and to

communicate these ideas in a simplest way).

In few words we would not create a new web design for our websites, but

we would transmit a message and we would communicate to the world and

without an *esoteric* language.

Why we have chosen persons not connected with Wikimedia/Wikipedia?

Because we would transmit them our message and we would that they

process this message in the simplest way without any technicism and

without any strange definition. A Wikipedian/Wikimedian with experience

will use a technical language and this is not the best to communicate.

There is nothing that the IT/web team has done badly, but the IT/web

team is not a web/communication agency.

The board has already decided the web agency, we need only to

communicate them our decision and to receive graphical proposals.



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