Dear all,

Following some emails recently sent concerning the website initiative, I
wanted to clarify a few points:

# 1: The idea of working on the website is not a new one. The first page
opened by the current Board on the public wiki dates back to April 2009.

# 2: In the newsletter (in four languages) sent to all members in January
2010, a section was dedicated to this question: "The option of
entrusting our websites redesign to an external company has been
selected [...] In order to draw on the expertise and resources of all
our members, the Board appeals to any member who would be interested to
take care of this task [working on a request for proposal], in
coordination with the Board. Pending this step, a page has been opened
on the Wikimedia CH site to collect remarks, ideas and suggestions on
the design as well as the contents that could be useful for you: Feel free to share your
thoughts in your own language; appropriate translations can be furnished
upon request". Nothing was heard from most if not all members; I
recognize the page was created in French but did not hear from anyone
that translation was needed or that we could proceed differently
regarding the collect of feedback.

# 3: The discussion was relaunched in January 2011. The consensus came on
the fact the current site is not appropriate to communicate toward
publics potentially interested in some way or another by our activities.
This includes layout but also structure and content as it mixes
communication aspects with internal and community stuff (see on the public wiki). The strategy is to
separate the current site under Mediawiki, that will continue to run
under a different URL for collaboration between members, from the new
site that will present WM CH, its projects and activities underway, how
to help the association through membership and/or donations, etc. This
will be maintained by a limited number of people within or designated by
the Board. Based on this assessment, we as a Board had the willingness
to leave all options opened regarding the CMS, the hosting and the
payment portal that could be joined to this website.

# 4: Ludovic has taken the initiative, with the agreement of the Board
and based on these requirements, to contact various providers (see on the public wiki) for a panel of
solutions using various CMS including Mediawiki if at all possible. The
results of his investigations were provided to the Board in February:
the document (can be forwarded to you if interested) presents the
selection process and timelines, the business case and requirements, the
identified alternatives, the evaluation criteria and results, and the
recommandation to the Board. This has been shared on the executive
mailinglist for feedback. It is true that MediaWiki was not part of any
of the proposals for the simple fact that no consulted company was able
to work with it.

# 5: The Board has reviewed the proposals and has unanimously choosen
Dellarocreative as provider of this future website. We are collecting
suggestions and ideas regarding what should be the visual guidelines for
the website, that will then be used for all future communication &
marketing materials of the association (see Here as well, the input from
anyone is more than welcomed but did not hear very much yet. As for the
redaction work regarding site content, we are also open to anyone that
would be willing to help (re)writing pieces of information regarding the
association or any of these aspects for this future website.

To summarize, the process has been going on for a long time. I estimate
the Board has shown willingness to consult and request input from
everyone: the consultation for input and/or interest from members, the
draft of the website requirements, and the investigations regarding the
providers have been made through the public wiki, the mailinglist or the
newsletter. The Board has moved forward based on the feedback that has
been received. At the end, it is the responsibility of the Board
members, and only them, to take decisions and assume them for the
association. I remind everyone that those are elected by the GA and that
candidatures are opened until April 2nd for those that would be

If you have any question or need further clarification regarding this
topic, please let me know.


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