I forget to say that the meeting is still open to interested people!


If you can't assist, but you want to propose an idea or help for futur
activites, just send me an e-mail!

Agenda and precise location will be communicated tomorrow night.


2011/3/22 charles andres <chand...@gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> During the last Year wolf Ludwig has been mandated by the board to assure
> the representation of WMCH in the TAO project, and then assure the lead of
> two sub-projects.
> Last month, Wolf  has been suspended as sub-project leader of the project
> TAO for the sub-projects 1 (Community Activities) and 7 (Public Relations /
> Community Relations.
> The reason of this suspension are mainly due to delays with important
> deliverables and a lack of reporting to the WMCH board or the TAO project
> coordinator.
> The committee reviewed the situation, especially in terms of its self
> organization in project management.
> As an immediate measure, the board decided to suspend Wolf as a
> coordinator for activities of WMCH related to the TAO project , and that I
> will assure the interim until the next general meeting.
> From now, the board would really appreciate that everyone involved in the
> TAO project, thought to keep me informed of any initiative or action, just
> to be able to have the big picture. A coordination page has been created on
> the WMCH wiki, http://www.wikimedia.ch/Projects/TAO, doesn't hesitate to
> use the discussion  page! :-D
> Next Sunday morning, a strategic meeting will be held in Bern from 9h30 to
> 12h30.
> The goal of this meeting is the preparation of a precise working program
> for the next two year, this will imply a fast review of the past year to be
> able to identify the dysfunctions.
> This working program will comport two part, one dedicated to the necessary
> evolution required for the association, and one dedicated to the activities
> in line with the TAO project.
> We will present the result of the next meeting during the next General
> assembly.
> for the board
> Charles Andrès
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