If I may suggest another possible source of photographs, I see that
the Geneva publishing fair is approaching
I'd be very interested in requesting an accreditation for this event.

I was also seriously thinking of requesting accreditation for the
Eurockéennes. I would be very grateful if I could claim to be
supported (to "work for") Wikimedia-CH (or possibly FR ? I wouldn't
like to do a political blunder there), and to have a person of contact
whom I could mention as a reference.

Cheers !
  -- Rama

On 07/04/2011, boje <b...@boje.ch> wrote:
> Dear Beat,
> Dear Group,
> beside the mentioned questions:
>> - Legal aspects: Why is it important to publish the pictures under a free
>> license? Which licenses are acceptable for Wikimedia-related projects?
>> - Technical aspects: How to upload the photos?
>> - Community: What should they know about the community and the
>> interactions on the platform? Netiquette, core values?
>> - Content: Which objects would be particularly interesting for Wikipedia?
>> - Administrative: How do I get accreditations for events, etc.
> it is important, to define:
> - quality standards
> - 50 Kilobyte or 150 Megabyte
> - color space and ICC profiles
> - file naming convention
> - metadata (XMP /IPC NAA / IPTC core / Dublin Core)
> Such definitions are important. Professionals can
> implement this after a short introduction with ease.
> The value of the media data will be more, if the
> data is produced and declared systematically.
> As discussed, I am interested in this topic.
> With kind regards
> Bruno Jehle

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