Hi Rama,

Feel free to contact the holders of these events. If they are requesting
some kind of formal support from the association, simply contact the
Board with the necessary information. You can put me as a reference if


Le 8/4/2011, "Rama Neko" <raman...@gmail.com> a écrit:

>If I may suggest another possible source of photographs, I see that
>the Geneva publishing fair is approaching
>I'd be very interested in requesting an accreditation for this event.
>I was also seriously thinking of requesting accreditation for the
>Eurockéennes. I would be very grateful if I could claim to be
>supported (to "work for") Wikimedia-CH (or possibly FR ? I wouldn't
>like to do a political blunder there), and to have a person of contact
>whom I could mention as a reference.
>Cheers !
>  -- Rama
>On 07/04/2011, boje <b...@boje.ch> wrote:
>> Dear Beat,
>> Dear Group,
>> beside the mentioned questions:
>>> - Legal aspects: Why is it important to publish the pictures under a free
>>> license? Which licenses are acceptable for Wikimedia-related projects?
>>> - Technical aspects: How to upload the photos?
>>> - Community: What should they know about the community and the
>>> interactions on the platform? Netiquette, core values?
>>> - Content: Which objects would be particularly interesting for Wikipedia?
>>> - Administrative: How do I get accreditations for events, etc.
>> it is important, to define:
>> - quality standards
>> - 50 Kilobyte or 150 Megabyte
>> - color space and ICC profiles
>> - file naming convention
>> - metadata (XMP /IPC NAA / IPTC core / Dublin Core)
>> Such definitions are important. Professionals can
>> implement this after a short introduction with ease.
>> The value of the media data will be more, if the
>> data is produced and declared systematically.
>> As discussed, I am interested in this topic.
>> With kind regards
>> Bruno Jehle
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