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Date: Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 15:19
Subject: Participate in the open Consultation of the Green Paper "From
Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU
Research and Innovation funding"

 Dear Sir or Madam,

The European Commission is currently working on a Common Strategic Framework
for future EU Research and Innovation Funding and would like to hear *your
opinion *and ideas on how to:

 - refocus funding towards projects that tackle current challenges, such as
health and an ageing population, climate change, food security and
diminishing natural resources,

 - better coordinate funding along the innovation chain  - from basic
research to launching new products and services on the market, and

 - make it easier for researchers and enterprises (particularly small ones)
to cooperate, to apply for and use EU research and innovation funding.

If you have ever wished to receive financial support from the European Union
for your research and development activities, if you have ever considered
applying for one of the many EU funding programmes, if you have actually
applied and worked on a EU funded project, then you must have developed your
ideas on issues like:

-- What kind of research and development activities should the EU support,
and why?

-- Based on which priorities should the EU design its funding programmes and
how can it monitor their effectiveness and efficiency?

-- How can the EU produce the most valuable results with the funding

-- How can the EU welcome all participants with good ideas and keep projects
administratively simple and flexible?

The website of the public consultation: **

Please find more information under the following link:

The *deadline to contribute your views is 20 May 2011*.

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution and, please share this
message with anyone else who might be interested.

Yours faithfully,

Unit Technologies for Information Management - INFSO.E2

Directorate General Information Society and Media



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There are a number of ways to contribute:

By online questionnaire:

By written responses:

In interactive blogs:

In events:

"The views expressed are purely those of the writer and may not in any
circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European
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