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> Dear all,
> As most of you already know, WMCH is participating in the European contest 
> "Wiki Loves Monuments" this summer.
> We already have our web site build for this event 
> (http://www.wikilovesmonuments.ch), currently in the fine-tuning mode.
> One of the remaining task is to link, for each item, the existing articles on 
> Wikipedia when existing in order to allow people browsing directly to this 
> article. We are looking for some people to provide help to complete this task.
> Basically, if you have a bit of time and you want to participate, just let me 
> know the canton you want to handle and provide me with an Excel file or 
> simple text file (coma separated for instance) with 5 columns :
>  - name of the item in the tool, as displayed in the column "Object" 
> (Gegenstand/Objet/Soggetto)
>  - article on DE
>  - article on FR
>  - article on IT
>  - article on EN
> Just let the column blank when no article exists for one item in one or more 
> language.
> For your information, Ticinese, Vaud, Geneva and Neuchatel are already in 
> progress.
> Thanks in advance for your help !
> Nico

I can provide you the list for Ticino and Grigioni.


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