on *tuesday, 2011-08-02*, withing the *wikimania preconference *program,
there will be a *global south strategy workshop*. the topics worked on
should be in *three areas*:

* (1) contents
* just to give ideas, topics may include (rare) languages, citing
references in oral cultures, which wikimedia projects work
best, etc.

* (2) organizational development
* the discussion here might center around crowdsourcing in such
environments, which parties to involve first, a comparison how other
next generation internet companies like facebook gain users, etc.

* (3) access, which is the technical / developer part
* topics include software needs to better support wikimedia projects
given the connectivity restrictions which may exist, especially mobile
and offline solutions, software supporting distributing contents via
mesh networks, etc.  depending on the preferences and number of
participants this part will be in conjunction with the wikimedia
offline developers workshop,

feel free to register here:

we would be glad if you could add topics of special interest to be
discussed as well.

rupert thurner
http://wikimedia.ch Wikimedia CH website
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