Dear Wikimedians, dear jury members, dear partners, dear all

Some quick news about the Wiki loves monuments, one week and a half 
after the start :

- First of all, we have today 139 pictures uploaded by 17 different 
users for 68 different objects located in 11 different cantons. This is 
what i can call an excellent start.
- As you may have seen, the home page of the site displays now the 5 
last uploaded pictures and a link to the category on commons to see all 
- Since this afternoon, an RSS feed is as well available from the home 
page to follow-up on the new uploaded pictures
- Both the RSS feeds and the detail page of each item are now 
geo-localized (not yet sure how to use it... but at least it's there)

Regarding press information:
  - We got (thanks to Charles) our second article this morning in the 
"20 minutes" (with one picture of the contest). You can find all 
articles on the dedicated page of the site.
  - On the same page, you can as well find the first press release that 
we have now to distribute to all Swiss media in 3 languages (thanks to 
Patrick and Ilario for the translation). Please don't hesitate to use it !

Regarding the feedback received:
  - I send a mail to all photo clubs registered in Switzerland. Some of 
them already replied and confirmed they interest to the contest.
  - I received a nice mail from the "Schweizerischen Gesellschaft f├╝r 
Kulturg├╝terschutz" who are supporting our idea. You can see what they 
are saying here :

So far, I'm really happy about this start. It looks very promising ! 
Let's make sure we continue on this way till the end of September.

I which all of you a very nice summer,


PS : Please accept my apologies, I'm too lazy to write this mail in 3 
different languages. If somebody has any problem to understand, please 
let me know and I will provide a translation.

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