On 22.01.2012 12:10, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:
On 22/01/2012 12:07, charles andrès wrote:
Good idea,

The members wiki has been kept  as former website mirror to be sure have had a 
backup plan during the last fundraising. And it has been useful! :-D

I think now we could move forward and reborn the members wiki as a working 

I proposed to start with the old public wiki and just change the
permissions. Do you think to an other approach?


We have only to take care that WMF and the public have access in more detailed data connected to the projects.

The fundraising agreement imposes that the projects have to follow some requirements (for instance the metrics to evaluate them and the budget).

For instance this page:


must be public "as is" because it is the page used by WMF as reference to "monitor" the projects.


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