On 22/01/2012 13:57, Manuel Schneider wrote:
> * I have yet never had a reason for anything within our projects to be
> confidential. Neither with WMCH, nor openZIM, nor WMAT.

Everything what is or should neither be official or public:
- members related information (tel, email, name, ...) if they want to
share them with other members
- opinions of members in discussion
- report of projects which include private discussion with partners
- names of people which are working for institutions we have as partner
- Details of our projects which should not be public as long as the
project is not official.

In fact, everything interesting including personal opinions, names,
information, discussions should not be public.

> * Closing the members wiki results in a higher demand of reporting as we
> lock out the public from what we are actually doing.

I agree. The work of explaining for a broad audience what we do, or what
we plan to do, our opinions, etc... Is a work we *have to do in any
case*. This is IMO not something related to the topic, because having a
wiki, with masses (or nothing...) of uncleaned information, is not what
a broad audience is interested in. They need an annual report and news
during the year.

> I was already
> disappointed by the frequency the members wiki / former website has been
> updated, by the much smaller group with access to the new website this
> got worse and by closing down the members wiki there is no more place
> left to participate in the current projects.

Everyone engaged in WMCH (and on WMCH side) project should have access
to this wiki - only a few exceptions should be necessary because those
people are members. If not, we should ask ourself why they are not!

For people who need feedbacks about such a potential move, they can ask
members of WMFR what was the difference before&after the members wiki
was put in private modus.


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