On 01/22/2012 03:09 PM, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
> Except some opinions, the private data and some financial data,
> everything may be public.

Financial data should always be public, the only thing that should be
secret are salaries - and they should be secret for members as well.
This is a board-only thing and the board has a closed wiki already.

Personal data such as names and addresses of members should also be
confidential - including members.
This information is - together with the accounting data - part of the
CiviCRM system which is accessible for the board plus project managers.
A closed members wiki is no help here either.

> As no profit organization, there are nothing that we have to keep secret.


> The transparency in my opinion help to have more members and to invite
> persons to join in the decisions.


> The Wikipedia philosophy is to have any contribution also from an IP.

Well, we don't need to accept this for the association as well.

Look at Wikimedia Austria. Almost everything is public in a members wiki
which can only be edited by registered users (no IPs) but can be read by

There are project pages for all the projects, all the planning,
discussion etc. happens there in the public. I see no problem with this.
There is only very little information that is not there: Internal board
discussions and our accounting and contact database.
As a replacement board resolutions are published in the members wiki and
all financial reports are there as well.


> I agree to transform the members.wikimedia.ch in a "workspace" but not
> to have a complete closing.

Agree. "Workspace" for me means let it be accessible as it is right now,
but restructure the information to make it more useable.

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