Something else came into my mind, speaking of empirical results of
closed vs. open platforms:

The Wikimedia CH members wiki, which has been our website for a while,
actually started as a members wiki!

For around two or three years we had a Wordpress website + the members
wiki which was closed and only accessible for members. Guess what
happened - nobody used it.

It remained dormant until the board decided to give up the members wiki
and use a wiki platform for the website at the same time. Then we moved
the wiki to be the new website and rebuilt the content.

Now with the new website the wiki became the members wiki again, but yet
not closed and not rebuild.

I am in favour a rebuild, I am not completely opposing a closure for
members but made my statements based on my actual experience with this
WMDE has a closed members wiki since around a year. It is not used very
much because it is an administrative overhead to get an account, get the
account recognised as a member etc. But it is definitely not dead and is
worth having. On the other hand WMDE never had - in the contrary to WMCH
and WMAT - any member participation platform other than the mailinglist
And, just as a sidenote: There is no financial data which is not already
published anyway and definitely no contact information - this is just

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