On 22.01.2012 15:46, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:
Sorry Ilario. Are you kidding? This is simply ridiculous. Why not making
the WMCH Board wiki and ML publicly available then?

In the board wiki there are only the votes, the private data, not official financial data and the accesses in various systems.

These are the strict informations to be kept secret.

No organisation at all works fine if everything about projects, internal
discussions, members opinions are publicly available. A well working
organisation needs accurate information, detailed reports, open
discussions - all these things can not be always public. Consequently,
if you do not have this confidentiality, you have none of them - this is
almost the case for WMCH.

Now, after so many years, this is more than the good time to ask ourself
if this decision of 100% of transparency (except for the board?!) was
the good one? Why we do not have exchanges except on the private
ML/wiki? Why we do not recruit new people? Why we do exactly the
contrary of other chapters?

You may not be agree with me, but you have to admit that we have a
problem there. I wanted to trigger again that problem. I did my job. I
can not change that alone, so please move one - you are on the board.

This is my last message in this thread.

We are discussing here to understand the other opinions in order to find a solution adequate to the majority.

The new website has been created to improve the external communication and to widespread what WM CH is doing and what WM CH did.

There is another important communication, that in my opinion we cannot forget and this is the internal communication in Wikimedia.

We have to communicate to WMF, to other chapters, to the communities what WM CH is doing. These wikimedians are not members of WM CH.

For some kind of informations there is the obligation to make the public, but in general there is the request to be transparent, mostly to understand how we spent our funds and who decide how these funds must be spent.

This is another level of communication and we cannot mix it with that of the website, because the level of communication of the website must be kept "simple".

So, if someone would not make public some information of members.wikimedia.ch, it's sufficient to protect the page.


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