On 22.01.2012 16:07, Manuel Schneider wrote:
Something else came into my mind, speaking of empirical results of
closed vs. open platforms:

The Wikimedia CH members wiki, which has been our website for a while,
actually started as a members wiki!

For around two or three years we had a Wordpress website + the members
wiki which was closed and only accessible for members. Guess what
happened - nobody used it.

The problem at the start was the high number of channel of communications in comparison to the number of "effective" communication.

It means that we had three mailing lists and three sites but no internal organization to manage and to update them.

This is the problem to have something when there is no effective needs.

Now the level of communications are becoming complex.

The WM CH have to communicate with the world and with the press, with the members, with WMF, with other chapters/communities, with the owners of the projects.

Two wikis are not sufficient.

It means that the press release of SOPA, for example, needs to be created in one restricted area, discussed internally with other members and made it public. It means that one communication can be managed in three different level of communication and in three different websites.

Now we have the projects, we need really to have a "workspace" to keep the communication still live.


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