On 01/22/2012 04:42 PM, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
> The WM CH have to communicate with the world and with the press, with
> the members, with WMF, with other chapters/communities, with the owners
> of the projects.
> Two wikis are not sufficient.

It's two wikis (board + members), website, Meta Wiki, CiviCRM... plus
several mailinglists. I think that's more than enough.

> It means that the press release of SOPA, for example, needs to be
> created in one restricted area, discussed internally with other members
> and made it public. It means that one communication can be managed in
> three different level of communication and in three different websites.

Well, WMAT did that on the public members wiki.
It's not that because the wiki is public every information there is
automatically seen by everyone.
If something is really delicate then the circle of people dealing with
it will (naturally) also be very small. Then a members wiki again will
be too public and the small circle most likely consists of board members
or other officials which have board wiki access... problem solved.

> Now we have the projects, we need really to have a "workspace" to keep
> the communication still live.

I totally agree. I just argue that it is easier keeping communication
alive and have strong participation by lowering the bars, not by raising

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