Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the Swiss chapter,
Wikimedia CH, is now an official partner of the Congress SOL2012, the
Solanaceae Conference (

This is the annual conference bringing together the leading scientists in
the field of Solanaceae, a large family of plants

At first sight, this may be a surprising partnership for a Wikimedia-related
entity, but our goal was to collaborate with a major scientific congress.
Solanaceae include among others potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, eggplants and
peppers, and it is therefore a major family in terms of nutrition and food
industry, and the researchers present at the congress come from all over the
world and are generally influential people in the academic world.

The participation of Wikimedia CH will take the form of the development of a
USB key distributed to all attendees, containing the conference abstract
book, as well as the ZIM offline reader Kiwix, and the ZIM files of a
selection of articles related to the subject of the conference, in English,
French and German. 

Wikimedia CH is willing to support any initiative on Wikipedias for the
improvement of key articles on in English, French and German (if possible,
the quality is already so high!), for example WMCH could provide prizes for
winners of editing contest, or access to research article not in open access
or also help for the acquisition of book of reference in the scope of the
articles. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have other ideas and need
help to implement them. 

In return for our support, the abstracts should be published on line or  in
an open access journal, so that Wikipedians can use them as references in
Wikipedia articles. We will also hold an information booth during the
convention to reach the participants and participate in an official workshop
about dissemination of scientific information from labs to public 

People willing to join the "Wikimedia team" during the congress are
encouraged to contact me, in the language they prefer! :-) 

Our collaboration with swiss universities are only starting, we are
currently negotiating the release of different collections of scientifical
interest but also historical interest, heritage from famous swiss scientist
like Louis Agassiz .


Charles ANDRES, Membre du Comité
Wikimedia CH - Association pour l'avancement des connaissances libres
Skype: charles.andres.wmch

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