a couple of weeks ago the wikimedia foundation board of trustees voted
on two issues touching the financial backing of wikimedia ch:

1. "funds disemination committee"
the vote says "The board wants to create a volunteer-driven body to
make recommendations for funding for movement-wide initiatives
(Working title: Funds Dissemination Committee, FDC). The Wikimedia
Foundation has decision-making authority, because it has fiduciary
responsibilities to donors which it legally cannot delegate."

2. payment processing
this concerns a link from a movement site (e.g. fundraising banner on
en.wikipedia.org) to wmch donation page, where people are able to
donate to a wikimedia ch bank account, where the foundation wants to
sharpen the criteria.

the vote says "If and when payment processing is done by chapters, it
should be done primarily for reasons of tax, operational efficiency
(including incentivizing donor cultivation and relations), should not
be in conflict with funds dissemination principles and goals, and
should avoid a perception of entitlement."

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