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(If you're on the Cultural Partners list you might already have heard about
this, apologies if so)

In a few weeks time Wikimedia UK will be holding, jointly with JISC, a
World War I editathon. The aim of this is to bring academics who study the
War together with Wikimedians who write (mainly) Wikipedia articles. We
have some great people from both communities coming along (and there is
still space for more, if you're interested, jump in!)

As it involves university lecturers it's pretty clearly education-relevant,
though in fact I think it's more closely modelled on the British Museum
Hoxne Hoard collaboration than anything else.

The favour I need to ask is that while I have academics in the room I
should probably talk at least a very little bit about how the Education
Programme has worked in the US and elsewhere - is there a one page summary
anywhere that I can work in while I'm talking about more military
history-focused stuff?

More details of the event here:

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