Dear Wikimedians,

Thx to Manuel, Kiwix has had for the first time its own boot on the LinuxTag Berlin, last week. It was also the first time for Wikimedia. In fact, we merge both boots: people of Wikimedia explaining what is our offline solution and me explaining about projects of Wikimedia Deutschland.

The experience was globally positive. We remarked, people do not know what Wikimedia is or does and that's why it was necessary IMO to advert our work. But it was not perfect, we hope to have a chance next year with Wikimedia Deutschland (the most present chapter), to do things in a better way. Concerning WMCH, it is clear that we have to few materials (flyers, posters, banner, ...).

For Kiwix and openZIM, it was positive like always ; but I do not think we should in the future continue to have our own boot. Software projects like ours are there mainly to get more users and developers. Concerning the developers, it's a lot of resources invested... and in fact until now we failed. Concerning the users, the best way is IMO to include Kiwix in the global Wikimedia communication effort. In fact, I remarked that our offline solution is still not well known by many members of our community. IMO, we have to start first to advert our work internally, and thus people will be afterward our best spokesmen.

So, to keep it short, we should continue and increase our advertising effort and not only on events like the LinuxTag. We should also take care that within this effort, offline is well represented. I think to propose a project during the autumn to create&print more advertising material. WMDE, WMFR and WMIT already have done a good job, we should mainly reuse their documents.

Thank you very much to WMCH for granting me for the Linuxtag2012.


PS: Picture of a XO running Kiwix at the LinuxTag

PPS: This month was the mot successful month ever for Kiwix with for the first time 25.000 downloads a month.

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