Hi Emmanuel,
Congratulations for your success, and thank you for having been in Berlin. 
You're right: To have own advertising material is clearly one of the priorities 
for WMCH, we should follow the neighbouring chapters which really have done a 
great job. 

Patrick Kenel (Benutzer:Pakeha)
Wikimedia CH


> Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 16:05:38 +0200
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> Subject: [Wikimediach-l] [LinuxTag] My Feedback
> Dear Wikimedians,
> Thx to Manuel, Kiwix has had for the first time its own boot on the 
> LinuxTag Berlin, last week. It was also the first time for Wikimedia. In 
> fact, we merge both boots: people of Wikimedia explaining what is our 
> offline solution and me explaining about projects of Wikimedia Deutschland.
> The experience was globally positive. We remarked, people do not know 
> what Wikimedia is or does and that's why it was necessary IMO to advert 
> our work. But it was not perfect, we hope to have a chance next year 
> with Wikimedia Deutschland (the most present chapter), to do things in a 
> better way. Concerning WMCH, it is clear that we have to few materials 
> (flyers, posters, banner, ...).
> For Kiwix and openZIM, it was positive like always ; but I do not think 
> we should in the future continue to have our own boot. Software projects 
> like ours are there mainly to get more users and developers. Concerning 
> the developers, it's a lot of resources invested... and in fact until 
> now we failed. Concerning the users, the best way is IMO to include 
> Kiwix in the global Wikimedia communication effort. In fact, I remarked 
> that our offline solution is still not well known by many members of our 
> community. IMO, we have to start first to advert our work internally, 
> and thus people will be afterward our best spokesmen.
> So, to keep it short, we should continue and increase our advertising 
> effort and not only on events like the LinuxTag. We should also take 
> care that within this effort, offline is well represented. I think to 
> propose a project during the autumn to create&print more advertising 
> material. WMDE, WMFR and WMIT already have done a good job, we should 
> mainly reuse their documents.
> Thank you very much to WMCH for granting me for the Linuxtag2012.
> Regards
> Emmanuel
> PS: Picture of a XO running Kiwix at the LinuxTag 
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikipedia_Ball_on_XO_improved.jpg
> PPS: This month was the mot successful month ever for Kiwix with for the 
> first time 25.000 downloads a month.
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