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Datum: 09.06.2012 14:17
Betreff: [Wiki Loves Monuments] help for the guinness world record proof
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Hi all,

as you may recall, we have applied for recognition as a guinness world
record with the 165.000+ images of 2011. However, to finalize that
application, I need some help. We need to determine the final number of
submitted picture - and will need two  witnesses who will sign a statement.
I'm pretty far with the witnesses - but need some help in making it easy
for them to confirm the full number of images.

I thought the easiest way would be twofold:
- make sure that the category 'Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2011' is
"clean" - that there are only valid images there.
- create a list of url's with all submitted images.

To do that, I'd use the following definition of a valid submission:
- For Switzerland, images submitted in July, August or September 2011
(starting time is in UTC+2, closing time in UTC+0).
- For all other countries, images submitted in September 2011 (including
Hungary, since the images submitted later were not considered for the
international contest)
- For all countries, possible delayed bot uploads (we'd need to manually
identify those)
- For all countries, the image has to contain the {{Wiki Loves
Monuments|country code}} template (I don't think other templates were in
- For all images, check whether it is a derivative of an existing image
(probably easiest to just list all images that fulfill all other
requirements and have a 'other versions' mention - and manually check those)

This should add up to all the images that were considered as a valid
submission and could have been nominated for the international contest. Am
I missing anything?

It would be great if someone could dig through the category and help clean
it. Also, if someone could use a script to generate this list of url's once
that is done. That way, for the proof we can both make a screenshot of the
category, showing the full number, and count the list of url's and let the
witnesses do some random checks on them.



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