It is clear to me, basically I am doing advertising in order to improve the
communication (what WM CH does, how the persons can collaborate), to raise
people but also to invite current members to be "active", but I am trying
to do that in Italian side because the costs are lower and I can experience
the insuccess/insuccess of some channels.

It means that this experience can be shared in order to apply it in biggest

But the question of transparency and "accountability" is more focused with
the last proposed workshop because this is also a request of WMF in order
to improve the "quality".

Basically the chapter should have a strategic plan and a project plan to
demostrate to the members and to the world that the money is spent
accordingly to the objectives of the association.

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 2:22 PM, Emmanuel Engelhart

> So, not to overfocus onn "minor" languages or member meetings in Zürich
> or Lörach... although they are part of the discussion of course. My goal
> is also to try to get a consensus on a few ideas to be able to boot a
> few initiatives.
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