On 20/06/2012 14:50, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
> It is clear to me, basically I am doing advertising in order to improve the
> communication (what WM CH does, how the persons can collaborate), to raise
> people but also to invite current members to be "active", but I am trying
> to do that in Italian side because the costs are lower and I can experience
> the insuccess/insuccess of some channels.
> It means that this experience can be shared in order to apply it in biggest
> areas.
> But the question of transparency and "accountability" is more focused with
> the last proposed workshop because this is also a request of WMF in order
> to improve the "quality".

I mean "transparency" in general, for example related to the Project
* who does what?
* what are the current projects?
* who is working on a project? what is the timeline?
* ...

But also, you are right, accountability:
* What are the activities of the board?
* Where is the list of the board decisions?
* Which votes are coming to the board?

Topic for this workshop is really broad... we won't be able to speak
about everything, but I do not want to (pre)ignore one point if
attendees want to speak about that.


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