Dear all,

currently I am busy moving the infrastructure of Wikimedia CH to its own

Today I will start with the mailservices.

If you have a mailbox please change your mail settings:

* servername:
* username: localpart of your mail address (what is before the @)
* password: will be the same as before

Please note that there will be a downtime during the switch over - I
need to shut down the old addresses first to make sure no data gets
lost, move the data - changing the usernames, start the new
mailservices, change the DNS settings.

The DNS settings will take around one day until they have replicated
through all the internet as all ISPs, your router at home and your
computer are caching the DNS entries for several hours.

Thanks for your support,

Manuel Schneider

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Wikimedia CH - Association for the advancement of free knowledge

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