Salut Emmanual,

Am 26.07.2012 13:32, schrieb Emmanuel Engelhart:
> What about install kiwix-plug hotspots (tech. behind WMFR Afripedia
> project [1]) with an up2date WPDE ZIM files? I think with around 1000CHF
> we could have a good WIFI coverage during the conference and so on
> advertise our work at WMCH. This hardware could be reused afterward in
> other circumstances. As I attend the conference, if Manuel can find me a
> few power plugs to use, I would do the rest of the work.

I like the idea and am open for that. Just note: The FHV has excellent
Wifi coverage and we have even their personell on site for support all

So setting up our own Wifi is not neccessary. Still, I would like to
have some of these plugs to demonstrate the capabilities. Maybe we can
also hook them up to the local network of the university, so their
features are accessible over the university's wifi?

Manuel Schneider

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