Hi Emmanuel,
good results and I am happy that it has been really productive.

Only some small comments.

There are some important activities already in progress and some important
discussions still open, mainly in the fields of WCA and with neighbouring

"International projects" may mean everything as it is the meaning of the
word GLAM. It would be important to define the fields of the activity or to
know what is already done and what is already in charge of another group at
least to be respectful of the activities of the other parties in order to
don't lose the progress already done.

These activities may be identified mainly with:

a) International relationships with neighbouring chapters (WM DE, WM IT, WM
b) WCA

The real problem is that these two tasks are done mainly in close mailing
lists (internal or chapters or regional like Iberocoop).

In the first point there are important activities with Latin chapters and
some others with French chapters. For instance Wikimedia CH is asking
formally to be part of Iberoconf and it is already in the French speaking

When you had the meeting in Lausanne, I was in Mantua in the festival of
the literature with WM IT. It means that these kind of activities are
already done and the collaboration with some chapters is started some years
ago and it is managed day by day.

I agree that there are a lot of potential collaborations not exploited yet
(I have been in contact with Silberwissen and they are open to have a
collaboration with WM CH), but the collaboration with some other chapters
like WM FR or WM IT is already a reality.

Basically I would invite to separate the activities planned with
neighbourings or to manage them differently because it would be better to
involve who is already working in these fields in order to don't generate
overlapping or conflicts.

The WCA is another important point and it's more connected with the
relation of WM CH with WMF.

There is a complicated discussion started one year ago and it is mainly
managed within the board because this discussion happens frequently in
"closed" mailing lists, so it would be really difficult to follow and to
participate to the WCA discussion without an access to the chapters wiki or
to the chapters mailing list.

Even if it would be important to involve more volunteers, this discussion
is more and more "close", so a working group risks to don't have the tools
to work on this task.

I hope that it may be helpful.


On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Emmanuel Engelhart <emman...@engelhart.org
> wrote:

> Hi
> We have had last Saturday our first International Working group meeting
> in Lausanne. You may find all the details about the meeting, *including
> the protocol*, there:
> http://members.wikimedia.ch/Working_groups/International/Launch_meeting
> As moderator, I think this meeting was pretty successful:
> * 8 people, all of them motivated to make concrete projects
> * Scope of the working group was defined
> * Many future projects listed (small abstract+member commitment)
> * Tools and ways of working discussed and written
> * Clear next steps
> Please, take 10 minutes to read the wiki page and give us your feedback.
> Best regards
> Emmanuel
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