On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 2:03 PM, Emmanuel Engelhart

> People who already work on that should join:
> * Gabriel leads the WCA topic
> * Manuel leads the Wikimedia conference topic
> * I'm involved in the francophone part.
> We also have decided that if a topic like this one will become too big
> and that the corresponding discussions bore the other members of the
> International WG we will build a separate WG... But only at this moment.
What I am saying is exactly that these two topics are already big to have
different WGs.

It means that I should know which is the mailing list *to be flooded*.

I stopped to write in several mailing lists about that exactly because
these topics borrowed other members, but if you like I can give you at
least 10 or 20 mails per day :)

In addition I don't know what you mean with "Wikimedia conference topic",
do you mean WikiCon or Wikimedia Conference (

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