Thank you Charles!

unfortunately, the wiki still does not work this evening, like yesterday and so often in the last weeks. I was in the last months again and again impacted by recurrent and different problems with this wiki (spam, down or extremely slow, thumbnail generation broken, ...). We are probably all impacted ; I know at least 3 other members who have had serious difficulties to answer the project call 2013.

I know the explanations behind the current situation and I understand them pretty well (we all have only 24 hours in a day) ; but at the same time we absolutely need perfectly working wikis, emails, web sites. Such a situation like we have currently and since the last months should be fixed now with a high priority. So, something must be done soon: and the first thing we need is a timeline for the fix.

If we are not able to fix that quickly. I propose an easy solution: give me a copy of the database and the mediawiki files and I could move on the wiki on my servers within two hours. This would allow us at least to work on the wiki the time Manuel find a solution on his side.


What should we do to have a wiki who works?

On 09/22/2012 07:22 PM, charles andrès wrote:
Dear all,
Today it's the last time of our call for project,
Due to technical issue, the wiki is hard to use today, that's why the *dead line is extend to monday 8PM*, and submission can be sent by e-mail at <>

I would like to thanks already all those who propose a project, and also assure to the those who had no time to prepare a proposal, that there is space for proposal all along the year; here we are dealing only with the project fund through the FDC,



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