Kiwix is candidate to be next Sourceforge "Project of the Month".

With your help this is feasible, we are for now the project with the
most votes. Give Kiwix your vote at http://twtpoll.com/fr2oso (you will
need a Twitter account).

Feel free also to advert this vote, it's not everyday that one of the
Wikimedia software is nominated on one of the most famous software forge!

More info. about "Project of the Month":
The "Project of the Month" is featured at the top of the SourceForge
front page, has a permanent place on the "Project of the Month" page
(http://sf.net/potm) and has a permanent badge that is displayed at the
bottom of your project summary page. See this month's project, DosBox,
for example - https://sourceforge.net/projects/dosbox/  And the winner
will be asked to do an interview (either audio or email, as you prefer)
for the SourceForge blog.

Thank you!

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