After carefully reading the WMF Board of Trustees letter and evaluating the 
first months of existence of the WCA, Wikimedia CH wants to make the following 
Wikimedia CH has been supporting the idea of a Chapters Council since its 
beginning. Our support is even stronger in these troubled times.
Since the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin, a lot of work has been accomplished 
to make the WCA a successful and helpful organization for the Wikimedia 
Chapters and the whole movement. It has to be said though that along with this 
hard work some aspects have been lost, like what our real priorities are.
For almost a year, Wikimedia Chapters have worked to build a strong 
organization, trying to prevent all possible problems from an administrative 
point of view. We believe it was important to think about all the 
organizational problems the WCA would have to face in order to reach its goals 
but by doing this we first lost the enthusiasm of lots of chapter 
representatives and then the dynamics to actually create a helpful structure 
for the movement.
Considering this, we, Wikimedia CH, encourage the Wikimedia Chapters to go back 
to the blue print and develop the list of tasks and goals the WCA should 
It is important to build an association where all chapters are equal, to start 
over designing an association without focusing on needed staff, focusing 
instead on the expected outcomes. We realize that in order for an international 
organization like the WCA to exist in the long term, we will need paid 
employees to do the routine work, and to prevent volunteer burnout. We feel 
that the necessity of staff will arise by activities. Let's cross that bridge 
when we come to it.
To assure the equality of all chapters, we believe in a system where the 
chairman or president is a coordinator, not a decision-making power. Only this 
way we will ensure every chapter stays engaged with the Chapters Association.
We also believe the first task of the Chapters Association should be to produce 
a manifesto which defines the goals of the Chapters Association and how we 
think we will carry out our duties. This manifesto should also respect the 
expectations of movement actors like the project communities and the WMF Board 
of Trustees. Their expectations are important and require actions from the 
chapters. We are ready to face them.
For WMCH, --Charles Andrès (WMCH) 09:56, 14 February 2013 (UTC)


Charles ANDRES, Chairman
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Le 5 févr. 2013 à 06:29, Kat Walsh <> a écrit :

> Those of you who have been following the discussion of the Chapters
> Association may wish to read the statement written by the WMF board at our
> recent meeting, which is now posted on the Meta talk page for the
> Association; we encourage comments and discussion to take place on the wiki.
> Link:
> For the Wikimedia board,
> Kat Walsh
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