Yes exactly.

Anyway Memoria St.Gallen is doing something really interesting.

He uses *historical photos* and he takes the picture of the buildings at the current state.

Afterwards he makes a comparison of the subject like it was in the past and like it is now.

I think that the idea may be replied in any town and in any city and has an important value.


On 19.03.2013 16:13, Chantal Ebongué wrote:
Perhaps my email was not clear. Memoria Sankt Gallen won the 5th price of  
Swiss WLM 2012. He also build the above website and sent us an e-mail - that I 
forwarded to our member mailing list - to ask if I can inform our members. If 
there is an interest, perhaps should you contact him and see if he would agree 
to put them under CC reusable licenses ?


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