dear all
during the last general assembly we visited the Ethnographical museum in 
Neuchâtel (below some more info about the museum [1]).

How about an exhibition about Wikipedia there?

The idea of an exhibition about Wikipedia actually comes from the museum 
director Marc-Olivier Gonseth, who launched the idea the first time we met last 

In those last weeks I have contacted 
1) Andrew Lih. during Wikimania 2012 he mentioned an exhibition is was working 
on. the exhibition is planned for end 2013-beginning of 2014 at the Computer 
history museum [2]. we are currently in contact to see if maybe we can bridge 
the two projects or learn from each over.
2) WMF to ask about other exhibition projects. for the moment no news.
3) the research group Open Online Communities which involves several 
researchers in different European countries and universities working on the 
topic of OOC and wikipedia (i am one of the research members). the group seems 
interested in contributing to provide content and research.

personally i think it can be a relevant project and it could be also designed 
as an itinerant show. 
of course the Ethnographical museum in Neuchâtel needs to be recontacted, but i 
think it would be nice to make a "wikipedia/wikimedia projects" (i like for 
example the approach of Andrew Lih of organising a meetup there.

what do you think? anyone interested in the idea? do you think WIkimedia CH 
could be involved? 
all the best

[1] The Ethnographical museum in Neuchâtel is a small museum but it is 
considered in the anthropological field as one of the best museums. It has a 
very peculiar approach. All its exhibitions try to unpack culture and 
knowledge. They focus on the meta-discourse, and they use an historiographical 
approach, they detect critical issues, and they show how categories shape our 
perception of culture and the world. There is also a strong research work 
behind the exhibitions. I think it can be a very interesting place to develop 
an exhibition related to Wikipedia. Maybe we could envision an exhibition for 
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