fyi, the fundraising report is here. sorry for switching to marked text
mode, hope the maling list lets it through. the link to the google doc is

Metric 20112012 # of donations1,130,1312,036,864 Average donation$21.25

Country Total amountNumber of donors US$24,523,562.251,002,027 UK
$2,331,848.60143,555 Canada$2,018,550.29112,294 Australia$1,519,411.8683,959
Japan$1,248,684.68 55,015Italy$968,912.34 75,688Russia$835,141.94 94,872
Netherlands$723,165.02 43,943Spain$488,273.9 35,271India$417,706.59 61,460
Chapter Total amountNumber of donors France <>$1,790,132
51,364Germany <>
$518,8467,846Chapter Total $9,316,831304,485

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Hello all,

The 2012 fundraiser report is up on meta:

We are currently working on a separate report with the results from our A/B
tests (from 2012 as well as previous years).

If you have questions or comments, please leave them on the report talk




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