Dear all,

Yesterday, I have met with the people responsible for the protection of 
cultural properties at the Federal Office for Civil Protection in Switzerland.
The minutes (in German) can be found here:

Here a summary:

-       They are happy to help us with the monuments lists in their area of 
competence (in addition to the lists of cultural properties of national and 
regional significance which are handled at the national level, there are also 
cantonal and municipal monuments lists which they are not responsible for).

-       They are positive about Wiki Loves Monuments; the same is true for the 
cantonal instances they are in contact with (monument protection services / 
civil protection services).

-       They promised to provide us with database dumps, including all the 
KGS-identifiers (A- and B-objects; identifiers of B objects have been missing 
so far) by the end of May / beginning of June.

-       They will take measures to facilitate the updating of the lists on 
Wikipedia in the future (clearly indicating changes on their lists; making 
database dumps available).

-       They ask us not to use the official white-blue cultural-property sign 
for any other objects than KGS class A objects and not to use similar signs 
either (in fact the use of the official sign is regulated by international law 
and Swiss law) - This should be taken into account when designing the 
interfaces of information systems (map applications, phone apps, etc.)

-       They gave us recommendations in order to avoid complications due to the 
different semantic systems at various federal levels

-       They will be happy to get informed about any corrections made by the 

So, and now I hope that the 26+ cantonal and municipal authorities responsible 
for the rest of the monuments will be as cooperative as the federal ones! ;-)

Kind regards,
Beat Estermann

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