Dear all,

refering to my report of June 17th
the votes on the resolutions are now open.
Below I am describing how I will vote on behalf of Wikimedia Österreich,
the WMAT community has now the ability to comment or convince me to vote

== 11. open WCA for other Wikimedia organisations ("Wikimedia
Affiliates") ==

vote: Yes.

There are no reasons against, in the opposite we highlighted in the
London meeting that the WCA is an organisation supporting and unifying
all Wikimedia organisations.
By doing so we hopefully get more active members, will be able to
achieve more and can better collect the opinions of the Wikimedia
organisations and their communities. The latter will also be important
when the WCA arguments towards the Wikimedia Foundation on behalf of
their members.

== 12. Change of Name ==

vote: Yes.

This is just a logical step after resolution #11. "Association of
Wikimedia Organisations" may sound a bit awkward and AWiO is not as nice
as WCA but I have no better suggestion.
Apart from that I am not happy about changing the name as such but if we
open up for other organisations this is just a sensible consequence.

== 13. Substituion of Council Members (Change of the Charta) ==

vote: Yes.

At the Milano meeting we had the case where a Council Member (Board
Member) was involved in another parallel meeting and sent another Board
Member as a replacement. That wasn't accepted because it wasn't possible
according the Charta.
With this resolution it will become possible. The requirements are
clearly described: Prior the meeting the Council Member has to inform
the Chair of the WCA. This is a clean and pragmatic solution.

The votes have to be casted latest until Sunday.


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