Just to remember that Wikimedia CH is offering to its members 10 bundles 
(entree fees + travel cost, up to 150CHF) to attend the OKCon.

Just contact me or your community manager.


I use this email for mailing list only.

« Je donne mon avis non comme bon mais comme mien.  » (Michel de Montaigne)

Charles ANDRES, Chairman
"Wikimedia CH" – Association for the advancement of free knowledge –
Skype: charles.andres.wmch

> Good day!
> As you know, the Open Knowledge Conference is right around the corner, this 
> year’s most important open data and open knowledge event worldwide. And it’s 
> actually much more than that: besides being an international conference in 
> Geneva, it’s also hacker lab and a demo space, and it actually starts right 
> where you live!
> On Monday 16 September, less than a month from now, the event will start both 
> on site in Geneva and at a train station near you: the community is flocking 
> to OKCon, assembling on the train to Geneva and arrive at the conference 
> venue together - right on time, already well connected, and with a plan how 
> to make the most of the event.
> Our train starts in St. Gallen, with opportunities to hop on in Winterthur, 
> Zurich, Berne, Fribourg and Lausanne:
> 08:11 – St. Gallen 
> http://trnsprt.ch/to/Geneva/from/St.Gallen/at/2013-09-16T0811
> 08:58 – Winterthur: 
> http://trnsprt.ch/to/Geneva/from/Winterthur/at/2013-09-16T0858
> 09:32 – Zurich: http://trnsprt.ch/to/Geneva/from/Zürich/at/2013-09-16T09:32
> 10:34 – Berne: http://trnsprt.ch/to/Geneva/from/Bern/at/2013-09-16T10:34
> 10:56 – Fribourg: 
> http://trnsprt.ch/to/Geneva/from/Fribourg/at/2013-09-16T10:56
> 11:42 – Lausanne: 
> http://trnsprt.ch/to/Geneva/from/Lausanne/at/2013-09-16T11:42
> 12:15 – Geneva!
> Join the movement, catch the Open Knowledge Train - sign up at 
> http://techup.ch/1186!
> Getting things done: the HackSpace 
> Switzerland’s make.opendata.ch hackdays are well known throughout Europe for 
> their inspiring, quality work - and we’ll have one at the conference as well! 
> From Monday morning to Thursday night we will make sure there’s ample space, 
> excellent Wifi and everything else you need to get things done and advance 
> your very own open data initiative in the OKCon HackSpace. Join the 
> transport.okfn.org team around Pieter Colpaert, join the Law Mining group 
> around Christian Laux, dive into data syncing with Max Odgen - or bring your 
> own project!
> Getting there: check. Todos: a ticket and a bed.
> The ticket prices should no longer be a stumbling block to participate – 
> register on http://okcon.org/tickets. This event will mark the coming of age 
> for this movement of such importance. Your employer will want to send you.
> So sign up for the train ride and use the code “OpendataOKCon15off” for a 
> special 15% discount!
> In order to stay overnight, you have a wide range of options, see 
> http://okcon.org/travel-and-accommodation/. And we still have some beds 
> available at the amazing St. Pierre historic cantor’s house, right next to 
> the cathedral: CHF 37.-, including Wifi and public transportation - contact 
> i...@okcon.org, first come first served!
> So let’s go to Geneva, and let’s make a difference!
> For Opendata.ch,
> Andreas Amsler
> with Hannes Gassert, André Golliez, Matthias Stürmer, Barnaby Skinner, 
> Giorgio Pauletto, Christian Laux, Oleg Lavrovsky, Antoine Logean and Jan 
> Zuppinger

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