I have received yesterday the WMCH newsletter. This is great to get some
news in that format, I guess this is the work of our new community
managers. Also the work of Manuel, it seems to me that this is the first
newsletter sent by CiviCRM? So, congratulations to all the people who
have worked on it.

Here are a few remarks related to this mailing, the contents, and others:

* Newsletters are elaborated on the wiki, you can help and find the
archive here: https://members.wikimedia.ch/Newsletters/
* I think the English version of this newsletter should be also posted
here, on this ML. It's primarily for members, but this could be also
interesting for others.
* Unsubscribe/re-subscribe procedure seems to work.
* How to change the recipient email address for this mailing? I have
tried the "unsubscribe" link and then tried to recover my password with
my email address but this seems to fail (hostname test.wikimedia.ch is
also strange)...

* In general, it's really great to see more activity on the wiki... but
it's pretty difficult to be triggered about something new. The only way
I know, is to use the atom/rss feed of the recent changes... and in my
case it does not work with my online aggregator (Netvibes). So this is a
problem to be triggered about what happens and this looks to me to be a
brake to get involved members.

* Do we have periodic reports about the LabisAlp project in English? I
can't find one neither on the Mailing-List nor in the wiki nor in the
GLAM working group report.
* LabiAlp project uploads (for example
http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Indice:Labi_1996.djvu) should be labelled
as sponsored by WMCH and categorized in a dedicated project category.
* https://la.wikisource.org/wiki/Liber:Agricola_De_re_metallica.djvu was
scanned and uploaded to archive.org in 2008, so I'm not sure to
understand the relation with the LabisAlp project.

* Do we have reports in English about the activity of the WIR?
* Nice to have the interview of Micha, I don't know if this one is old
or not, hope not so... I was not informed about its release.
* It was impossible to me to find the WIR interview on the WMCH web site
(without having the direct link)
... I think this is linked nowhere in other pages and also the URL is
pretty strange ("%5Bi18n-termpath-raw%5D")
* I feel somehow bad to read something like "No, there are no such
specific targets of my residency" from a WIR. Paying a WIR without
having many new interesting pictures in Commons is IMO a problem. It's
also a problem, because without these upload pictured, I don't really
see how to involve the community (also AFK) in this partnership. I hope
the legal problems will be fixed soon @BAR.


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