We herewith inform you about happenings in September 2013. Enjoy and if you 
have any questions or remarks, please contact us on i...@wikimedia.ch.
If you prefer to read the Newsletter on our members wiki, you can do this here: 

===Association's life===
====General Information====
The date for the General Assembly of Wikimedia CH is set: Please mark March 23, 
2014 in your agendas! More details about the exact time and location will 
follow ASAP.

====FDC Application of WMCH====
Wikimedia CH successfully submitted the FDC (Funds Dissemination Committee) 
application on October 1, 2013 in order to apply for the funds for WMCH 
projects in 2014. Thanks to Charles Andres, our newly hired Chief Scientific 
Officer, we were able to deliver a complete and promising submission: 

===What has happened in September===
30.08.2013:                     Aare-Stammtisch, Bern; 
01.- 30.09.2013:                Wiki Loves Monuments 2013, Wikimedia Commons; 
09.09.2013:                     Kick-Off Event for Wikipedia-Trainers, Bern; 
14. - 15.09.2013:               OER Conference, Berlin; 
http://www.wikimedia.de/wiki/OERde13 OER Conference
16.- 18.09.2013:                Open Knowledge Conference, Geneva; 
19.09.2013:                     Re:Public Domain Walk, Geneva; 
http://republicdomain.ch/walk/ Re:Public Domain Walk
27.09.2013:                     Re:Public Domain Night, Zurich; 
28.09.2013:                     Zurich Stammtisch, Zurich; 
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Zürich Zürich-Stammtisch

===Coming Soon===
20.10.2013:                     Re:Public Domain Matinée, Aarau; 
09. - 10.11.2013:               Wikimedia Diversity Conference, Berlin; 
15.11.2013:                     Zürich/Aare-Stammtisch, Bern; 
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Zürich & 
23.11.2013:                     Re:Public Domain Show, Bern; 
22.-24.11.2013:         WikiCon 2013, Karlsruhe; 
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiCon_2013 WikiCon 2013
November 2013:          10th anniversary of the Alemannic Wikipedia; 
30.11.2013:                     Wiki Loves Monuments Ceremony, Swiss National 
Library in Bern; http://wikilovesmonuments.ch/de
23.03.2014:                     General Assembly of WMCH, location to be 

===Recurrent meetings Italian Switzerland===
The Italian community is organizing a recurrent meeting every two weeks in 
bookstore Libri al Centro, Via Vegezzi 4, Lugano. The time and the starting 
date will be communicated to the Italian speaking members by email. 
Anyhow, if you're interested in attending these meetings, you can write to our 
Community Liaison Ilario Valdelli on ilario.valde...@wikimedia.ch.

====Labisalps and history of Alps project====
The project is still uploading the first three journals of the International 
Society for Alpine History in Wikisource:

* https://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Indice:Labi_1996.djvu
* https://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Index:Labi_1997.djvu
* https://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Index:Labi_1998.djvu

The community of Wikisource is working to proofread them. In the meantime we 
received the material of Domenico Rudatis (1898 - 1994), one of the first 
alpinists, to be uploaded in Commons and Wikisource.

====Wikipedian in Residence in Federal Archives====
As many other Wikimedians and Wikipedians, also Micha Rieser (our Wikipedian in 
Residence in the Federal Archive ) participated at OKCon in Geneva in 
September. He gave much appreciated insights into the Wikipedia World. We 
strongly recommend to have a look at the presentation ''How GLAM can support 
Wikipedian'' [https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnq8gf88uqfr9ck/OKCon.pptx] he gave. 

====Wiki Loves Monuments====
Wiki loves Monuments was going on throughout September. The Swiss contest was 
ending successfully with having around 4.000 uploaded images and 188 
The winners will be announced during the award-ceremony on November 30 in the 
National Library in Bern. Don't miss it, because a fantastic frame program is 
waiting for you: A guided tour through the archives of the Swiss National 
Library, Workshops and a photo exhibition. To get more information, see the WLM 
website http://wikilovesmonuments.ch/de.

=== Community: Scholarships for WikiCon ===
Wikimedia CH is granting scholarships to WMCH members to attend the Wikicon in 
Karlsruhe. As usually, WMCH offers to reimburse the costs for entry-fee, 
travel- and accommodation-costs. We're looking forward to get your application 
on i...@wikimedia.ch.

===Working Groups===
See their reports: https://members.wikimedia.ch/Working_groups

For everybody who's especially interested in GLAMs: Beat Estermann gave an 
about the potential and possibilities that arise if GLAM institutions like 
Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums cooperate with Wikimedia.

====Staff: CSO, CIO & Community Liaisons====
See their reports: https://members.wikimedia.ch/Staff/Reports

Furthermore we are glad to announce that Charles Andres, our new Chief 
Scientific Officer, started to work on September 1 and already took care of the 
annual FDC Application. Charles will not only oversee GLAM activities but also 
be the responsible person for for the development of WMCH's education program. 
Feel free to contact him and talk with him or ask him about his new role - he's 
looking forward to get in touch with you.

As Charles Andres is our new CSO, Patrick Kenel is the new president (ad 
interim) with Frédéric Schûtz as new Vice-President. A board meeting took place 
on Monday, September 30. The minutes of this meeting are available here 

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