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 Apologies if this is out there already, but since the Smithsonian can't
advertise at the moment, I thought I should pass it on:

 *From:* "Tanner, Simon"
*Subject:* *Smithsonian X 3D Event in November*

  Please share with your networks and friends as the Smithsonian cannot
advertise right now (due to the Shutdown):

Smithsonian X 3D
November 13-14, 2013
Smithsonian X 3D shows how 3D technologies will transform the work of the
Smithsonian Institution-and museum and research institutions worldwide.

For the first time ever, state-of-the-art 3D scanning and image-based
modeling technology paired with new Smithsonian tools will enable museum
collections, scientific specimens, and entire research sites to be
digitally recorded, studied, and shared in immersive detail.

Researchers and conservators can use 3D capture to document and analyze a
single artifact or an entire field site
Curators and educators can use 3D imagery to explore complex ideas and
share new discoveries
Teachers, collaborators, and members of the public can interact with
Smithsonian museum objects in new ways
We hope to grow the Smithsonian's 3D digitization efforts from pilot to
program, and unleash the full potential of 3D technology in the museum and
research community.

All my best,
Simon Tanner
Deputy Head, Department of Digital Humanities
King's College London
26-29 Drury Lane
London WC2B 5RL

Phone: +44(0)7887-691716 (direct)
Twitter: @SimonTanner


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