I have had my cup of tea. I still consider people despicable who do not 
recognize, that someone has spent weeks and weeks for no money whatsoever to 
further the common good. A nice private notice or question to Bruno would have 
been acceptable. but this public branding has confirmed me, that I do not want 
to belong to the same club as these people.




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2013/10/16 Hartwig Thomas <hartwig.tho...@enterag.ch>

Did you notice, that the scanning station on the picture was invented and built 
by Bruno with his own mind and hands and made available to Wikipedia for free? 
Did Charles Andrès ask his permission to publish a photograph of it? Did he 
attribute its author correctly? Does he work for Wikimedia for free, like Bruno 
does? Is his photograph even a “work” that CAN be copyrighted?


You people make me sick, when you take the achievements of others and set up a 
prohibition against their using them!


Please, take a deep breath and a cup of tea. There is an issue, it is sortable, 
so let's 

1. fix it as quick as possible, and, most of all

2. make sure it won't appear again.


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