Dear all

The story behind this picture on our website is very simple. Previous we
had the link in the caption (description of a picture). A few days back I
implemented a new news-module in our website. This doesn't allow Links in
the caption. I didn't want to make cryptic remarks, they don't look so
nice. With the comment Wiki Commons I wanted to give access to the source.
As I could find out, that it is not possible to find the source by
inserting Wiki Commons and a keyword like Herbarium or Reprostation. I
should have checked it out.

What I would like to inspire is, that in cases like this we can contact
the particular person (in this case Bruno or me) and make them aware of
the deficiency. Otherwise we won't encourage people to use Creative
Commons - if they risk to be in the pillory.

I replaced now the photograph with one from our own photos.

A message to Hartwig: please stay in our association - we need good people!
I am sure we will overcome all misunderstandings!

Best regards

Matina Hämmerli
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