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Hi everyone,
i'm pleased to report to you that the Dutch Rijksmuseum (you know, the
one with all the Rembrandts and Vermeers) has decided to release all
of their PD images in high resolution on their website, Rijksstudio.

A year ago, the Rijksmuseum released a new website with a section that
allows people to reuse all the images in many different ways. For
commercial use, you still needed to contact the image department, even
though the works were PD. However, a week ago they removed this
restriction and now anyone can download the high resolution scans.

The API still serves the lower resolution scans, but i've been assured
that the higher resolution images *will* be available in the API in
the very near future. I guess they'll make an excellent candidate to
be uploaded to Commons with the GLAM Wiki Toolset project next year.

Until then, i invite you all to upload all the images you want by
hand, i've already done that with Rembrandt's Nightwatch which has
gone from 2 to a whopping 161 megapixels:

There's a (Dutch) blogpost available from Creative Commons
Netherlands, here's a Google Translate version:

-- Hay Kranen
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