Dear Wikimedia enthusiasts in Switzerland,

This week the Funds Dissemination Committee is deliberating about 11 FDC 
applications made by Wikimedia chapters or thematic organization, among them 
Wikimedia CH.

Before receiving the result of their deliberation I would like to tell you more 
about the FDC and its impact on Wikimedia CH activities.

First of all, the FDC is determining the amount of funds that Wikimedia CH will 
receive from the Wikimedia Movement (WMF fundraiser) to accomplish its 
activities. The funds allocated are somehow earmarked to be used for projects 
with an impact on Wikimedia projects (i.e., Wikipedia, Commons, Wikisource, 
etc.), and in a reasonable proportion for the chapter's infrastructure.
It’s only the second year than Wikimedia CH uses this process, and in a way we 
have to change our habits. We have to include our activities in a bigger, 
broader plan, where all the Wikimedia communities can raise their voice. In a 
few words, the project funds by the FDC must have a direct impact on Wikimedia 
projects by improving the content or participating to increase the editor 

Regarding the projects that have been proposed to Wikimedia CH this summer, I 
would like to clarify that there is no accepted or rejected projects, but there 
are projects with a clear  impact on Wikimedia Projects and a clear support by 
Wikimedia CH members. These projects, like the Public Domain project or Wiki 
Loves Public Art, have been explicitly included in the Annual plan submitted to 
the FDC:

Other projects are questioned  by WMCH members, do not have  a clear impact on 
Wikimedia projects, or they may need to be redefined. These projects are not 
rejected, but they are likely to be not eligible for Wikimedia Movement funds, 
that's why they haven’t been mentioned in the Annual plan.  That doesn’t mean 
that these projects will not be supported by Wikimedia CH, since there are 
other ways to support projects than by allocating a budget. Some projects can 
be improved and adapted and then fit into the FDC allocated budget. Our 
community managers and our CAO are here to help Wikimedia CH members to find 
alternative funding sources.

The process to prepare the next FDC application will be significantly modified, 
especially to reflect that Wikimedia CH is an association dedicated to support 
Wikimedians in their Wikimedia activities, it means that we will make the 
process easier for proposing small project leaded by volunteer and supported by 
the chapter.

The modification of the process will be prepare directly on the members wiki, 
think to request your access if you haven’t do it already.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about the FDC.



Charles ANDRES, Chief Science Officer
"Wikimedia CH" – Association for the advancement of free knowledge –
Office +41 (0)21 340 66 21
Skype: charles.andres.wmch

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