From: Estermann Beat
Sent: Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013 10:02
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Subject: First Meeting of the OpenGLAM CH Working Group

Dear all,

The first meeting of the OpenGLAM CH Working Group will take place on January 
31, 2014.

Time: 14:15 - 17:15
Place: Bern, Falkenplatz 24, Kuppelraum (take the elevator to the very top, 
walk up the stairs and enjoy the view!)

The building is within 5 minutes walking distance from Bern railway station:,+3012+Bern+%28Berner+Fachhochschule%29&hl=de&sll=46.952558,7.435151&sspn=0.013197,0.026157&vpsrc=6&z=17&iwloc=A

If you haven't taken part in the Google poll yet, please do so if you are 
planning to attend the meeting, so I can keep an eye on the number of 

Don't hesitate to spread the word among other people interested in promoting 
OpenGLAM in Switzerland!

Kind regards,

From: Estermann Beat
Sent: Donnerstag, 28. November 2013 16:24
To: ''
Subject: Let's take OpenGLAM in Switzerland a step forward!

Dear all,

At the end of October, the association's board has officially 
recognized our OpenGLAM CH Working Group.
This, after initial meetings had taken place in August and September. See: for some 
background information.

Since yesterday, we also have our own mailing 
list<> for internal communication 
(thanks Oleg!). The subscribers list and the mailing list archives are 
accessible only to list members. List membership, on the other hand, is open to 
everyone committed to promoting OpenGLAM in Switzerland. So feel free to invite 
other people to join our list. If you think that you should not be on the list, 
send me a short note off-list, and I will unsubscribe you.

Next Steps:

Our next step will be to initiate a strategy process in order to define our 
goals and to reach a shared vision of how best to achieve them. This will also 
be the occasion for each organization participating in the working group to 
situate itself within our common strategy and to identify synergies and 
opportunities for cooperation.

In order to work on our strategy, I propose a two-step process:

*         First Step: Through a systemic impact analysis we first reach an 
understanding of the inter-play between various forces at work in the area of 
OpenGLAM. As a result we will have quite a clear idea what to focus our efforts 
on first and what to aim for in the longer run. For this first step, we will 
carry out a workshop with 4-5 people from various backgrounds. In general, best 
results are reached at this stage with small groups of people that have some 
prior knowledge of the domain, are well prepared, and are ready to engage in an 
intensive dialogue with each other.

If you are interested in taking part in this first strategy workshop, please 
let me know and fill in the corresponding Doodle poll by the end of next week:

I will send further instructions to the participants of the workshop in a 
separate mail.

*         Second Step: The insights from the first strategy workshop are 
presented and discussed in the plenary. If necessary, the analysis can be 
adapted based on the inputs gathered at the plenary meeting. But especially, 
the plenary meeting can be used to further elaborate the essential parts of the 

For the second step, everybody who is ready to take an active role in promoting 
OpenGLAM in Switzerland would ideally be present.
Please use the following Doodle-Poll in order to indicate your availability: (Deadline: 8 December)

In parallel, I would suggest that we make an overview of all the OpenGLAM 
related activities our various organizations carried out in 2013 and provide a 
commons outlook of everyone's plans for 2014. This will give us a better idea 
from where we are starting and provide a shared vision of where everyone is 
heading. This will also allow us to discuss possible synergies and 
opportunities for cooperation. I will set up a document to gather this 
information and send you the link in a separate e-mail.

I'm looking forward to working with you to get this working group started in 
order to promote OpenGLAM in Switzerland!

If in the meanwhile you have any questions, comments or suggestions, don't 
hesitate to share them!

Kind regards,
Beat Estermann

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